"Veterinary Dental Service takes excellent care of Walter’s teeth! He has such a great smile and we wouldn’t entrust it to any other group. Walter is always happy when he goes in and happy when he comes out. Five stars!"
- Amy Leinbach, Huntington Beach

"I was so worried about Frenchman and thought he would be scared or in pain, but he was completely fine! He came home and ate right away. Thank you Veterinary Dental Service for being so gentle!"
- Jennifer Heuerman, Lake Forest

A Word from the Vets:
"As veterinarians we are very aware of how difficult it is to get our clients to brush their pet’s teeth on a regular basis, if at all. To help increase out patient’s dental health status we incorporated non-anesthetic dental cleanings by Veterinary Dental Service into our practice four years ago.

By providing this service we are seeing our patients more frequently for routine cleanings and we have made our clients more aware of the importance of their pet’s dental health care. This provides us increased opportunities to examine the pet’s teeth as opposed to only during annual physical examinations. Chuck Purkey and his dental technicians are excellent at finding dental problems that may be missed on an annual exam. Since we don’t routinely probe all teeth on these exams, we may miss deep gingival pocketing, loose teeth, furcation exposures, slab crown fractures or feline resorptive lesions. When a problem is observed by a VDS technician, our vets are notified immediately and the cleaning is discontinued.

The owner is then told about the problem and an anesthetic dental cleaning is scheduled with radiographs and extractions if needed. The non-anesthetic dental cleaning cannot take the place of an anesthetic cleaning, but it does help us discover dental problems sometimes at an earlier stage. Clients appreciate that the problem has been identified and are willing to schedule the recommended anesthetic dental cleaning. The VDS technicians also help us to educate our clients on proper tooth brushing and home dental care. Clients are always very pleased with the gentle treatment of their pets and the thoroughness of the cleaning procedure by the technicians.

Scheduling maintenance dental cleaning visits allows us more opportunity to monitor our patients for other services too. When pets are dropped off for their cleanings, we are able to advise the owners of other recommended services, such as vaccinations, lab testing, diet and weight management and medicated baths. With more frequent visits to our hospital, we get to know our clients and their pets personally. Clients not only see our concern for their pet’s dental health, but appreciate our attentiveness to their pet’s overall health status."
- Dr. Shelley E. Wood, Animal Clinic of Tustin Ranch – Irvine

"I have been a veterinarian for over 10 years and in the veterinary field for over 20 years. During that time, I have seen an impressive increase in veterinary dental care, both anesthetic and non-anesthetic. Non-anesthetic dentistry (NAD) has helped to raise my clients’ awareness of their pets’ dental health. In doing so, our clients are much more receptive to BOTH preventive and surgical dentistry.

I believe that our success stems from the team approach. We have been working with Chuck Purkey and his Veterinary Dental Service team for many years. He and his staff always strive to provide the highest standard of care. Working within our veterinary hospital allows the NAD technicians to consult directly with a doctor regarding each and every case. The patient is treated as an individual (handling, treatment technique and follow up). If a dental issue is found, the technician stops working and refers the patients to a veterinarian. This therefore increases even anesthetic compliance. As a result, I know I can trust that my recommendations are followed, and as such, my clients and patients continue to embrace Chuck Purkey and Veterinary Dental Service.

Furthermore, with the controversy surrounding NADs, Chuck is always on top of any issue or concerns and in in regular contact with the SCVMA. He knows legislation and follows regulations.

This, on top of being consistent and reliable, makes Chuck and his team an asset to our practice. There is definitely a place for Chuck’s NAD team in veterinary medicine. I highly recommend Chuck and his team at Veterinary Dental Service."
- Allison M. Massensio BVSc, MRVCS, Brea Veterinary Hospital

"In the last year our hospital has supervised over 1300 non-anesthetic dental cleaning procedures by Veterinary Dental Service, Inc. and the service has become an important part of our preventative dental care program. The staff of Veterinary Dental Service, Inc. treats our patients and clients with kindness, and their attention to careful dental hygiene has helped us identify many developing problems that we could address through anesthetic procedures, before they become advanced. Our clients appreciate the added dimension the service offers and we believe our partnership with Veterinary Dental Service, Inc. strengthens the care we provide."
- Dr. Robert Reed, Rancho Mirage Animal Hospital